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Anything changed with your website cookies ???

Everytime I quit safari, now, I have to sign in again
(even if I click the remember me box

have your webpage cookies chaged or expired ?

I don’t think so. I’ve not changed the forum software or settings. I wonder if maybe there’s something wrong with your Safari cookie storage. Does this problem occur if you use Firefox?

Yes, same with Firefox !
sign in - with “remember me” checkbox selected
quit Firefox, restart
and I need to log in again

I’ll delte cookies, maybe they need to be refreshed

Well I deleted cookies “c-command one’s”

and again I need to re-sign for this forum everytime I re-launch safari

I also ensure that c-command cookies are still there before getting to this page

anyoen I should be looking at in partuclar

This only occurs since October 1st, any reason ?

OK problem found, it is the latest version of “Safari Cookies” 1.5.3 that creates the problem

I reverted to version 1.5.2 of Safari Cookies, and I now remain sign in

Since I upgraded on Oct 1st, I thought there was a reference with that date