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"anywhere" search fails + locking issue...


I’m using the demo of EagleFilter and really liking it - but I have a couple of questions:

  1. The “anywhere” search is not always finding items that the “title” search will. For example, I have a web archive that has the title “Spring Bronze Weatherstripping”. Doing a title search for “spring bronze” finds this item correctly - but selecting “anywhere” from the search popup makes the item disappear (not found).

  2. EagleFilter seems to lock other operations when indexing - I had imported a couple hundred items, and while EagleFilter was indexing them I was going through some other folders and deleting the occasional item. I noticed that EagleFilter would not compete the deletion (spinning pizza) until the indexing of one item had finished and it had started on the next. ie, if it was indexing “item 5 of 20”, the deletion would not complete until the activity viewer said “item 6 of 20”. This also happens when moving items between folders.

EagleFiler does include the title in the index, so it sounds like that should be working. Please send the Web archive to eaglefiler@c-command.com so I can see if there’s anything unusual about that file.

Currently, EagleFiler doesn’t allow moving or deleting files while a file is being read for indexing. This is to avoid moving a file out from under the indexer. I’m planning to improve this with some finer-grained locking, etc., but for the initial version the focus was on correctness.

It turns out that the content index file was damaged. Quitting EagleFiler and deleting the file TheLibrary.eflibrary/Indexes/Records.efindex caused it to rebuild the index, which fixed the problem.

EagleFiler 1.2 includes a command to rebuild the indexes so you don’t have to deal with the .efindex files manually. Also, it addresses the issue in (2) so that it no longer freezes the user interface while writing to the index file.