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Apple Junk Mail

Hi Michael and users,

I’m sure you covered this before but I could not find an answer. I have just installed SpamSieve 2.9.25 on macOS Sierra for Mail Version 10.0 (3226)
Apple Junk Mail is unticked in Mail preferences. SpamSieve is enabled as a Rule.

But I still get mail that is addressed to my dot Mac email account ( and only that account) going to the Junk folder in the Apple Mail client and it gets some of those emails wrong.
Some are good.
Why is this folder even working? and how can I stop it?

Its kind of OK if I am at this computer because I can toggle through once a day and check but if I am on the road, I have to assume that all my mails
are getting thourgh as I cannot ‘see’ the desktop Mail and the actual Junk Mail folder.


It’s probably either due to Mail’s own Junk filter, which should be off; or Apple’s iCloud server junk filter, which cannot be turned off.

iCloud’s filter shouldn’t pose a problem here because the mailbox is on the server and thus should be visible to all devices.