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Apple Mail and multiple accounts

I’ve got quite a few email accounts in my Apple Mail setup… iCloud, Gmail, Exchange. I’ve been researching on the SpamSieve site whether these are handled, or just my main iCloud account… I THINK they are, but wanted to be sure. I did read about how “training good” might put it into the wrong account and can handle that.

I use one Mac as a “server” processing the spam, with the training folders on my main iCloud account which then appear in that account on various machines.


Yes, SpamSieve will automatically filter all the accounts.

The regular “Train as Good” command will figure out which inbox to move the message to. If you use the TrainGood mailbox, it will use the inbox on the account of the TrainGood mailbox. So if you only have TrainGood in the iCloud account, the messages would go to the iCloud inbox. But if you make per-account TrainGood mailboxes they will send messages to different inboxes.