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Apple Mail and nested folders

I’m just starting out, importing emails.

  1. Am I correct that I can only drag and drop individual emails, not folders? (No folders would stick, even on Drop Pad.)

  2. Am I correct that I can’t select the top folder of a group of nested folders, and import all the sub-folders? Even with F1 I couldn’t manage to do it.

The manual mentions “drag and drop folders or mailboxes from the Finder”. Where are these mail folders located in Finder, please. Spotlight didn’t enlighten me as to their location.


Yes, Apple Mail does not support dragging mailboxes, except on Mac OS X 10.4. I recommend using the capture key.

EagleFiler imports the selected messages, not the selected mailboxes. You could, for example, expand the tree of mailboxes, select them all, and select all the messages in them. Or you could use a smart mailbox to collect messages from multiple mailboxes and import them at once.

They’re in the folder:


Many thanks.