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Apple Mail and Spam Color

HI Michael,

I received a message today that went to my inbox. It was correct in going to the inbox but it was colored blue. If I train the message as good why would the blue color still show up? I received an additional message from the same person and it still is highlighted in light blue.

You should check SpamSieve’s log and see whether it predicted the messages to be spam. Perhaps the message was blue for some other reason.

It’s possible that the training command encountered an error before it was able to change the color. Do you see any errors from SpamSieve or Mail in the Console application?

sometimes it is because the messages are from the same sender, with a similar subject
then it is blue to show the relation between the two

Yes, if that’s what happened in this case, unchecking “Highlight related messages using color” in Mail’s Viewing preferences would make the blue go away.