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Apple Mail contextual menu


I’ve happily used Spamsieve (and recommended) for years - excellent program.

Although I found some old threads (from 2011) that mention that having the Spamsieve training options in the contextual menu for individual messages was in the works I’ve never found that option available in Apple Mail. Should it be there as standard, or is there a customisation setting I can/should use to enable it?

Thanks very much.

That feature is not implemented yet.

OK. It’s certainly not a deal breaker for me, but it would be very convenient to right-click and send the offending message straight off to the Spam folder without having to positively select it first. Is there an OS reason why it’s difficult to implement? I know Apple can make life difficult with some of this sort of thing.

It’s definitely a feature I want to add, but it hasn’t been a priority compared with other stuff I’ve been working on, since I know that implementing it correctly is non-trivial. Yes, there is a significant issue in that SpamSieve communicates with Mail in terms of which messages are selected, but the contextual menu can be used on a message that is not selected (indeed, when different messages are selected).

Boy… would sure love to see this implemented. Going from Airmail back to OSX, you notice this immediately.