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Apple Mail crashing regularly in Catalina 10.15.7


Since installing Spamsieve my Apple Mail app hangs on a regular basis. Currently it is about 3-4 times a day. Which is very frustrating as I’m working on my Mac full time.

I recently did a complete Mail index delete & rebuild which cured the issue for a few days but then the problem reappeared again. Every time it hangs I force-close the application, wait a minute or so, restart the app, then it shows the “Spamsieve has been deactivated” popup. I shut down Mail again (the normal way) and restart, now it shows the “Spamsieve has been reactivated” popup, and we’re fine again for a few hours.

Can someone shed any light on what might be happening? I can provide the crash report if required. If I cannot resolve this I will have to remove Spamsieve and ask for a refund.


I don’t know what’s happening as we almost never hear reports of Mail hanging. However, you can record some samples from Mail during the hang, and that should shed some light on what’s causing this.

Or, if it’s crashing rather than hanging, please send in the crash log files.

I also recommend sending in a diagnostic report.