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Apple Mail crashing with 2.6

Having updated to SpamSieve 2.6 Apple Mail is crashing whenever there is new mail. It tries to display a dialogue box, but crashes completely before any text is displayed in it.

Removing the SpamSieve.mailbundle folder from /Library/Mail/Bundles stops the crashing, but obviously all my mail ends up in the Spam folder!

I’ve attached a crash log for Mail.

Thanks for any help.


A bit of further digging…

It seems that I have a permission problem with a folder used by clamXav. Without SpamSieve an error message is displayed. With SpamSieve Mail crashes.

I’ve now fixed the permission problem, so we’ll see if that stops the crashing.


Thanks for the report. Did this happen with 2.5? I’m not aware of any changes in 2.6 that would cause a difference in this regard. Perhaps the permissions problem is what’s new. Anyway, the crash log doesn’t show any SpamSieve code running, but it does show that Mail was in the middle of executing an AppleScript that was attached to a rule. Is this script for clamXav?

I’ve seen the error from clamXav before (ie with 2.5 installed) but the crashing only started when I installed 2.6 (and went away when I removed it).

Fixing the permissions seems to have stopped the error, and the crashing.

I’ve attached the script that was throwing the error for you information.

Thanks for your prompt reply