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Apple Mail: Delete from server

How can i get SpamSieve to remove the email from the POP server in apple mail?

Thank you…

It’s not possible, due to limitations of Apple Mail, to remove spam messages from the POP server while leaving the good messages. What are you trying to accomplish? Perhaps it would be better to use IMAP and move the spam messages to separate folder on the server, or to a local folder.

Yes, IMAP isn’t an option at this time, and if that’s the way i need to go, then i can wait :slight_smile:

My situation is this. I have Apple Mail checking my POP server constantly. Spam Sieve does an EXCELLENT job of catching spam, and moving it to the spam folder. I also access my POP remotely (at work via a web site) and need to sift through all the spam once again.

Thanks for the reply,

If you can’t use IMAP, I think the next best thing would be for you to have SpamSieve redirect the good e-mails to a separate account, and you could check that account at work.

szhark, I’ve been wishing Mail.app could do that exact thing for a while now; it’s stupid that it’s not a feature, hopefully they’ll work it in soon for a future release.

For now, there is a way to erase your deleted mail off the pop server, but you have to do it manually. Here’s how:

  1. Select your mail account on the left panel and hit apple-i
  2. In the “Show messages” dropdown, choose “That have been removed from my Mac”
  3. Hit apple-a to select all of them
  4. Click the “Remove From Server” button in the lower right corner

I do this once every few days. It’s not ideal, but it only takes about a minute (depending on how many messages you have on the server), and it works.