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Apple Mail - Discard Spam script doesn't delete spam with os 10.11

I’ve used SpamSieve for a few months and its performance is nearly perfect while running os 10.11. I’ve installed the Apple Mail - Server Junk Mailbox script so that all spam ends up in the SpamSieve-created Spam mailbox. However, I’ve installed the Apple Mail - Discard Spam script and can see it in the FastScripts menu but when I run it from there or the Script Editor app, Apple mail appears to check for new mail and nothing else. Messages in my Spam mailbox are left untouched. I’m sure I’m overlooking something simple but I just can’t see it. Any thoughts?

By default, the script deletes the contents of the Spam mailbox under “On My Mac”. If you are using a server Spam mailbox, you need to tell SpamSieve that using the Change Settings command.

Secondly, you could open the Console application to see if the script reported any errors.

Thanks-- after adjusting the change settings, the Spam folder with spam messages still doesn’t empty but when the script is run reports:

Error Number: -2700
No spam mailbox named “Spam” found.

The Spam mailbox is under On My Mac and SpamSieve is depositing all spam into that mailbox.

This error message is for when you’ve told SpamSieve that you’re using a Spam mailbox on the server. If your mailbox is under “On My Mac” then you should Change Settings and tell it you’re using a local Spam mailbox.

Changing Spam to a local (from a server-based) mailbox worked. Thank you. I knew it was something simple.

Although, for a newby, local mailbox vs server location, etc., is not obvious.

Thank you, though, for SpamSieve and the forum. It’s all working great now.

Everything in SpamSieve assumes you’re using the local mailbox (which you are). So it will all “just work” if you never touch Change Settings. The problem arises if you had previously used Change Settings to tell it you’re using a server mailbox when you’re not.

This was very helpful to me, as it enabled me to get the Delete Spam script working. I had set everything up correctly, creating the Spam mailbox under OnMyMac. However, believe it or not, I was unaware of the Change Settings menu option of SpamSieve, and it was set to indicate that the Spam folder was on the server.

I, too, was getting the “Spam folder not found” -2700 error and was stumped as to why. Once I changed the location of the Spam folder to “Local”, the script worked beautifully and now deletes my Spam email. Thanks!