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Apple Mail Drone Rules Help - Rules Disappearing, etc.

I have a Mac Mini set up as a mail drone with Apple Mail. I have had this setup for a few months and am still working to get it right. My main issue at the moment is that rules on the drone disappear on a fairly regular basis. I have looked at possible iCloud sync issue, although I’m not sure I fully understand how that works. Also, maybe I could approach my objective in a different way.

The drone has these rules set up in the following order:

Remote Training
SpamSieve - xx@xx.com
SpamSieve - xx@xx.com
SpamSieve - xx@xx.com
SpamSieve [Blue] [Gray] [Purple] [Red]
SpamSieve Score

On a regular basis, the three account rules just disappear. I re-create them, and after some time they are gone again. They work while they are present.

My objective is to have the drone filter about a dozen email accounts and send all blue, gray, purple, red spam directly to the local Trash on the drone. The yellow and orange I would like to go into the local Spam folder. Make sense? Is there a simple way to do that?

Do you have Mail checked in the iCloud pane in System Preferences? What about under the iCloud Drive options?

There are a few problems here:

[li]You can’t combine regular rules (the first three) and color rules (the last two) like that. Given what you said you wanted, I would suggest just deleting the first three.[/li][li]The Score rule should be above the rules with colors in the name.[/li][li]The Score rule should be called “SpamSieve [Score]”.[/li][li]There should be a “SpamSieve [Spam]” rule at the bottom to handle any spam messages of unspecified colors. This would move the messages to the local Spam mailbox.[/li][/ol]

I did not know to check the iCloud Drive options. Mail is being synced there. Thanks for pointing that out.

I have deleted the three regular rules and made other fixes as you suggest. Everything seems to be working great now. Thank you! I still have the Remote Training rule in place and am wondering if that is OK. To recap, this is what I have now…

Remote Training
SpamSieve [Score]
SpamSieve [Blue] [Gray] [Purple] [Red]
SpamSieve [Spam]

Yes, that looks good to me. The Remote Training rule is necessary if you want to use the special TrainSpam and TrainGood mailboxes. If you have such a rule, it should be at the top.

Thanks again for the support. I’ve been using SpamSieve for many years now, and I am a big fan!