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Apple Mail, GMail, and EagleFiler

Just came across EagleFiler as it was mentioned by Don McAllister recently. It is an intriguing app and I am trying it out. I am still fiddling with DevonThink and a few others for capturing and storing information.

A few questions or comments.

I like the idea of being able to archive email and get it off the Mail application. If I understand correctly, this is what EagleFiler does. I have several iMap and one Pop account with Gmail and my iCloud account. Most of what I get I usually delete as it is not wort saving. I know if I delete the email in the GMail accounts, they are really not deleted as there is the ever present All Mail Label that keeps everything even though one deletes the duplicate email in whatever Label it is in. My problem is that I will move any email I receive in any of the accounts to sub Labels in my main GMail account. This is totally a mess and EagleFiler sounds like it would help. What I want to know is can I move the emails I want to save to EagleFiler and then safely delete them from the GMail account? Once this is done, can I drop individual email into whatever folder setup I create in EagleFiler? I can either delete them in GMail or iCloud. Once this is done, if I need to locate an email with a software license that I moved to EagleFinder I will be able to read the full email?

One thing I noticed is that I saved a webpage with a payment receipt on it into EagleFinder. I had to close my browser and when I clicked on the link in EagleFinder, the receipt page was gone replaced by an After Purchase Services page. So saving a web page this way, especially one that can time out, is not a good idea? I suspect saving it as a PDF would be preferable and I will have to explore that more.

I gather too the backing up the EagleFolder .eflibrary file is not enough and one should back up the entire containing folder withe the several subfolders I see that were created when I created the Library?

If you like, you can configure Gmail not to show the All Mail label to IMAP clients such as Apple Mail. That will prevent you from downloading duplicate copies of every message.



Web pages (such as some receipts) that don’t have permanent URLs cannot be imported into EagleFiler via the capture key. This is because loading those pages requires information that’s only stored in RAM in your Web browser. You can save those pages either using File > Save in the browser or File > Print and saving as a PDF. There’s some more info here.