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Apple Mail hangs on Train Message as Spam

Running SpamSieve 2.9.50 with no issues till MacOS 13.01 update.
Today training a missed spam message hung Mail. Force quit, restart, tried again, same hang.
Turned off SpamSieve Plugin, restarted, turned plugin back on, restarted, hung again on same message. Tried training a different message as spam, then another as good, worked fine.
Problem is limited to one obvious spam, (shown here image: https://i.imgur.com/lKgDbtL.png )including a $999 fake “PayPal” invoice for “Disney+ and Hotstar” another message to train, but is anyone else seeing a new 13.01 issue like this?

Obviously I can just delete the spam after I force quit again, but this is new to me in a dec are of using this program.

Please try recording a sample from Mail during the hang.

Now I cannot get it to hang again. “Train as Spam” works in 1 second as usual. Was Predicted Good in log, training looks normal in log . I will post if it happens again and email a sample of the process thanks.