Apple Mail Hangs When Training a Message

I have the same problem trying to train SS for Mac Mail On MacOS Ventura…,. I got through maybe a dozen trained, then all of a sudden, it goes into a loop and had to force quit Mail. What do you need from me to solve this?


This does not sound like the same problem because the other customer was having Mail quit when he viewed a mailbox, whereas you are seeing Mail hang when you train a message.

My first guess is that you are running into the “Hang When Training” bug in macOS 13 that’s described here. To work around this, go to Mail ‣ Settings ‣ Accounts ‣ Account Information and set Download Attachments to All for each account. If that doesn’t help, please try recording a sample from Mail during the hang so that we can see what’s causing it.

Hi Michael…thanks for the fast response… setting Download Attachments to ALL apparently fixed the problem…

Thank you… Rolf (SpokaneDude)

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