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Apple Mail + IMAP + iPhone + SpamSieve

All -

I’m looking to setup my Mac Pro as the “server” to filter the mail coming into my IMAP account so I can view Spam free on the iPhone.

What I also have are a ton of rules setup in Apple Mail to process and move message from the server onto my local Mac Pro.

What I can’t figure out is how to setup a rule that will allow all non-spam messages to remain on the server and not be processed by Apple’s rules until 3 days have passed. This allows me to reply on the iPhone or the computer and then have those emails archived on my Mac pro after those 3 days. I’ve seen in the Rules where I can have a message meet a lot of the criteria I need, but I don’t know how to:

  1. Take Spam off immediately
  2. Process the rules I have setup on all mail messages at a specified interval or everyday. I have a rule setup to stop processing all rules if a message received is less than 3 days old, but I don’t know how to have all of the rules look at all of the messages everyday.


  1. The normal SpamSieve setup will take the spam off immediately.
  2. There is no mechanism in Mail to process rules later. You could probably do this via AppleScript, though.

What I do is use IMAP and let Mail cache all of the messages and their attachments. So I end up with an instant archive on the Mac (with everything sorted into different mailboxes) but it’s all still available on the server if I need to access it from another Mac or from Web mail.