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Apple Mail Import Error: Can’t get account "RSS"

I have a smart folder in Apple Mail that lists all messages and RSS items received in the last two days. I selected all the contents of this folder and used the import hot key. I received the following error in EagleFiler:

EagleFiler encountered an AppleScript error while trying to capture from Mail.

Mail got an error: Can’t get account “RSS”. (line 70)

If i do the same operation with a smart folder that does not contain RSS content, there is no issue.




Sorry, but EagleFiler does not currently support capturing RSS items from Mail, only e-mail messages. I recommend using a dedicated feed reader such as NetNewsWire.

EagleFiler 1.5 can now import .rssmbox folders from Apple Mail. Capturing RSS messages from Mail does not work, however, due to limitations of Mail’s AppleScript support.