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Apple Mail intercepts spam


Been using Spamsieve about 3 months, all OK, but recently a new problem has arisen with Mail.
Apple Mail (I think?) intercepts spam, and puts it in a new ‘Spam’ folder, which it creates by itself under the email mailbox, when there is already one central ‘Spam’ folder
In ‘On my Mac’ which Spamsieve is setup to use. This only happens to one email A/C, which I have recently remade as IMAP. This account is very old and was POP until a week or so ago, and collects a lot of spam, and I intend to close it down eventually. I have 3 others (IMAP) which behave OK,
but recieve little spam.
Spamsieve does not show these spams in the log, and they are very spammy. Others are OK.
Previously I had everything setup to use a folder called ‘Junk’ and the same happened (mail made new ‘Spam’ folder, so changed to ‘Spam’ and it still happens. Junk filter is disabled in Mail.
Spamsieve Rule is the top one.
I’m on 10.10.4.
Help would be much appreciated.


It is probably that account’s server spam filter doing this, not Apple Mail. Please see this page.

Hi Michael,
Many thanks for speedy reply, and great software. Have turned off Server side Spam filtering. Hopefully that will do the trick.