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Apple Mail -- is the Server Junk Mailbox script and rule still needed?

Now that SpamSieve puts spam into the iCloud Junk mailbox by default using the SpamSieve rule, should we still be using the Server Junk Mailbox script and rule, or is it now redundant?


The Server Junk Mailbox script is meant to be used when you have SpamSieve and the server junk filter set up using different mailboxes. So it doesn’t make sense to use it when SpamSieve is set to use the Junk mailbox.

However, you may want to use the new Rescue Good Messages script. This will move any good messages that were mistakenly caught by the server filter to the inbox and also color-code any server-caught spam messages that SpamSieve confirms are spam.

I had the same issue and I ignored it because I thought it was an attack. And now I got the point to read your reply. thank you.