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Apple Mail Issues running scripts

Ok so I have been using SS for years and I really never had some of its features ever work so im trying to get some help. I am using Apple Mail app on iMac running all the latest OS and updates to date, I have 3 Apple accounts, I have setup three separate scripts one for each account as directed, I tried using just the standard single script SpamSieve but it seems either way I have same issues. So im am using the standard JUNK mail folder in each account and pointing the script to that, spam goes into each folder but thats where it ends, none of the spam is ever rated by color or marked as read, I have tried changing the SS setting over and over for years but no joy, now if I go into each accounts email and select all of the spam in the folder and choose apply rules spam will start changing colors and some will just disappear, completely deleted, not in trash not anywhere, so I really dont know what is going on here. I have read threw alot of the differant setups in the manual and tried differant scripts but nothing seems to work for me, I dont understand why the spam is not rated/colored and marked as read ever unless I choose the spam and apply rules…
any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated Thanks

Could you explain where this was “directed”? The standard setup recommends a single rule and no scripts.

Most likely, you have a server junk filter that’s moving spam messages to the Junk mailbox. This happens before they are seen by Mail. With the standard setup, these messages will not be processed by SpamSieve. It will only process the spam messages that remain in your inbox.

Stepping back a bit, what problem are you trying to solve? Do you have good messages in your Junk mailboxes? Is it just that you want the messages to be colored?

I tried the single rule. had these issues listed

Under Apple Mail, Customization: 4.6.10 Separate Spam Mailboxes for Each Account, setup up rule for each mail account, made no difference. went back to single rule, then added

4.6.13 Rescuing Good Messages Caught By a Server Filter
4.6.3 Spam Message Colors in Apple Mail, added rules SpamSieve [Blue] SpamSieve [Grey]
now the spam is colored accordingly but still not marked read. Would be great if I could get the Blue and grey moved to the trash/deleted automatically, have not gotten that to happen yet.

The reason these didn’t help is that the problem is caused by your server junk filter before the messages get to your Mac. The easiest solution (if your server allows it) is simply to turn off the server junk filter.

This applies to messages that arrive in your inbox, not ones already caught by a server junk filter.

The rescue script has some settings at the top that you could configure to do this by editing the lines like so:

property pMarkSpamMessagesRead : true
property pMoveBlueMessagesToTrash : true
property pMoveGrayMessagesToTrash : true

Yes I understand the server junk mail server as I’m using Apple mail accounts however it is turned off in preferences but we know Apples still marking mail, thats what I’m trying to beet… ill try the edits to the rescue script, THANKS!

Is this the proper order of rules?

That is the order I am using.

Yes, there’s no way to turn off the Apple/iCloud server junk filter. If it’s doing a good job, you can leave it alone. If it’s catching good messages or you want to move the more spammy messages to the trash, you can use the rescue script.