Apple Mail Junk and SpamSieve

I am a long time SpamSieve user. Been through the changes that have come with the latest versions of MacOS regarding how it’s implemented.

Everything has worked fine for a long time.

Then stuff started to get tossed that should not have been tossed. I finally removed SpamSieve completely.

So junk mail is not checked in mail preferences, but some stuff is still tossed into the junk folder.

I am a a loss as to what is going on.

How do I diagnose this?


It sounds like this has nothing to do with SpamSieve and the issue is that a server junk filter is moving the messages to Junk. There’s some information about that here. You can tell which messages SpamSieve moved to Junk because they will have a colored background in the message list:

and say Predicted: Spam in the Log window:

I agree it is not SpamSieve, unless there is a background task I can’t see.

It is happening in my iCloud account mail. I’ll check the settings in iCloud mail web interface.

Since this is imap, I have checked the two other Macs that hit those imap accounts.

Thanks for the product and your support.

There are no junk/spam settings in the iCloud Web interface. If you want to use iCloud but don’t like its junk filter, you could set up SpamSieve to rescue the good messages out of Junk.

Does this imply that iCloud mail is doing junk filtering?

Maybe that’s what is going on.

Yes, the iCloud junk filter is always enabled.