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Apple mail Junk coloring of messages after training as good

Hi -

I’m relatively new to SpamSieve, seems great so far.

I’ve followed the instructions and have set it up for training on one computer. I have multiple computers but haven’t decided how to set it up best for me yet, so have just been doing the training on one computer for now. So far, my corpus has 462 good messages, 52 spam messages, and an accuracy score of 94.6% correct.

My question is, if an email goes to the Spam folder (the one I set up for SpamSieve “on my mac”), and it is not spam, I will “train it as good.” This will move it into my inbox. However, the email is will be highlighted yellowish the way Apple Mail normally flags junk. I have all junk filtering turned off from Apple Mail, and there is no option to “mark not junk” for this message. So it just stays highlighted-yellow for ever. It’s starting to get annoying as these messages are building up in my inbox looking like this and I cannot find a way to change it. What am I doing wrong?

I’m running:
IMAP Gmail account
IMAP iCloud account
Apple Mail 9.2 (3112)
OS X 10.11.3
SpamSieve 2.9.24

Thank you

The accuracy will be better if you use the recommended ratio of good and spam messages for training.

I’m not sure. When you train a message as good, SpamSieve tells Mail that it’s not junk. It sounds like this worked because you said that Mail is not showing the button to mark it as Not Junk. Could you post or e-mail a screenshot showing what the yellowish message looks like?

In any case, you can click here to tell SpamSieve to override the colors in Mail so that it uses black text instead of the junk color.