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Apple Mail menu commands not working on macOS 11.1 Beta

I can install the beta on 11.1b1 (M1), but the menu and hot keys are not working. Spamsieve has been added to Accesibility.

Did you enable the plug-in?

This shouldn’t be necessary unless you are using these outdated esoteric preferences. But you should add it to Full Disk Access and Automation.

Yes. It is moving messages and the menu items show up.

Are you saying that you see the training commands in Apple Mail’s Message menu, but nothing happens when you choose the menu command? If so, that could indicate a problem with the launch agent. You should be able to fix that by choosing Install Apple Mail Plug-In from the SpamSieve menu and then restarting the Mac.

Tried that twice including removing the residual plug-in in ~/Library/Application Support/Mail

No luck.

If the commands show up in the menu, please choose SpamSieve - Train as Spam to try to train a spam message as spam and then send in a diagnostic report.

I’m still having issues with the Train Good/Bad menu items and keys. They work once after launch Mail. I am using the latest beta. downloaded yesterday.

Please click this link and this link to enable some additional debug logging, and quit and relaunch SpamSieve and Mail. Then try training a message using the menu command, and after it doesn’t work send in a diagnostic report.

Now it’s working! I will follow up, if it fails and leave the logging enabled.

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