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Apple Mail Messages Not Moving When Trained

I do have the most recent Beta 2.9.34 b4.

SpamSieve is working fine when it needs to automatically move the spam mails to the Spam folder (in my case locally on the mac).

But when I train a mail as manually good or spam the mail gets marked but does not get moved to the Inbox or the Spam folder.

I double chcked all the settings and they seem to be ok.


Please click this link to enable some SpamSieve debug logging. After relaunching Mail and SpamSieve, try training one of the good messages as good and one of the spam messages as spam. Then send me a diagnostic report.

Just done; thanks!!

It looks like you have two old esoteric preferences enabled that change the way SpamSieve asks Mail to move the messages. I don’t think these are necessary for you now that you are using macOS 10.14. You can disable them by clicking these two links.

I invested several hours in double checking all settings but never thought about these old kind of hidden settings.

Works now like a charm!!

Many thanks!

Great support!!!