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Apple Mail messages without content

I recently started getting messages that have a title but no apparent content as text. They do have graphics or HTML that contain ads. How do I get SpamSieve to recognize these as spam? I tried training SpamSieve to recognize that they were spam, but I am still getting them. Is there another way to train it?

Normally, you should just need to train them as spam. If you’re still getting them in your inbox, please send in your log file.

Re: Apple Mail msgs without content
I’ve gotten a couple of these contentless Spams, too—and found them all-but-impossible to kill off.

These “zombie” email messages contain no content, but show that they contain an attachment that’s non-existent. When attempting to kill them off, I get an error message that a certain “.emix” (attached) file could not be found. The discussion on the Apple forums is here: https://discussions.apple.com/message/30138199?ac_cid=mh123456#30138199 if it’s of any help.

With the most recent one, it took rebuilding and reindexing my mail accounts to wipe this foul email out; and afterwards, I’ve been inundated with spam mail that is suddenly getting through SpamSieve even though things like the suffixes (.top, .xyz) and key words that are already in the blocklist and ought to be eradicated.
I’m not sure just what to make of this, but it’s creating some serious havoc.


Hopefully jchao’s issue is resolved because I did not receive more information from him.

This looks like a bug in Mail.

Please send in a report.

I dug around in links to SpamSieve support documents I got through this forum (thanks to everyone who posted links), and figured out that the Reindexing had blown away not only the zombie mail, but signatures and, more critically, Rules. So I reinstalled the Apple Mail plug-in, then followed instructions to create a SpamSieve Rule in mail. The offending spam now seems to be going into the Spam folder as it ought to.