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Apple mail not removing mails after one day

Any help on this one would be appreciated. SS seems to be working well, sorting and sending to the Junk folder, i have this folder set up to delete emails after 1 day. However it seems to not be working? is there any thing in the SS setup that could cause this. What should i check?

Sorry, I don’t think there’s anything SpamSieve does that would affect this. One common misconception with that preference is that “one day old” means messages from yesterday or earlier. Really, it means “more than 24 hours old.”

Thanks Michael, taking on board what you have said about the 24 hours thing, even when i alter the time span in Mail to, let’s say 1 week, it still ain’t clearing them out. I guess i could try directing the spam to the trash folder where it can be deleted straight away, but as i have only just bought SS after the trial, I still feel the need to check the contents of the junk folder, just in case. If you do happen to find anything else possible…maybe?

Problem Sorted
SORTED! In Apple Mail i have 4 brown bags (junk folders from each account, below the main Junk folder) even though i only have 3 accounts set up. All of the spam email that were not deleting after the specified time were within that 4th folder, called “on my mac” i deleted that folder and all is now ok, spam clearing after 24 hours.
I wonder where that folder came from?

Glad you got it working. I guess there’s no way to set auto-delete options for a mailbox that’s not associated with an account. It could be that SpamSieve created that mailbox if you used the “Train as Spam” command and told it to put messages in “Junk.” Perhaps you’d rather have SpamSieve put the manually trained spam messages directly into the trash.

Junk Mail and automatic deletion
I’m a bit confused now. I just came here to post that I would love SpamSieve to delete spam automatically after a while. However, I cannot seem to set up such rule in Mail for the folder I created after installing SpamSieve. The SpamSieve rule moves all spam into the folder ‘Spam.’

Because Mail’s own junk mail detection is deactivated I don’t have the option to use these folders (they only seem to show when the function is active). How can I move spam sorted through SpamSieve into Mail’s Junk folder (don’t need one for every account, one for all is sufficient) and have the spam deleted after a week?

The way to do this is to set up SpamSieve to use Mail’s Junk folder, but to make sure that Mail’s junk mail filter will not be applied to the incoming messages.


Thanks for the help. Not sure whether this piece of advice is in the manual. I went there first but couldn’t find what I was looking for.