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Apple Mail not syncing with server


I use Apple Mail with SpamSieve as a drone on a Mavericks iMac. I’ve noticed that Apple Mail no longer syncs its changes with the server. That is, on the drone computer everything seems fine – Apple Mail is getting new mail, and SpamSieve is sorting out the spam. But my mail server (and any non-drone mail clients) still sees all of the spam in my inbox. Apparently none of the changes that SpamSieve makes are getting to the server. If I simply quit and restart Apple Mail on the drone, a sync magically happens, and all of the spam is then moved out of my server-side inbox.

If memory serves, this issue began with the release of OS X 10.9.2 (and I think SpamSieve had an update at that time as well). Although I’m not 100% sure the problem started right after the update, I do know everything was working fine in 10.9.1. And I’ve read that Apple made some changes to the way Mail syncs in 10.9.2 (mostly for Gmail compatibility), so perhaps this is a bug caused by those changes.

To narrow down the problem, I’d like to eliminate Apple Mail as a variable and switch to some other client. Could I get a recommendation for an email client that works well with SpamSieve?

Thank you!

I think this is due to a bug in recent versions of Apple Mail. You are actually somewhat lucky as some users are seeing that the Mac itself does not receive any new messages until Mail is quit and restarted.

Both Microsoft Outlook and MailMate work well with SpamSieve and support the drone setup.

Looks like this problem is fixed with the OS X 10.9.3 update.

I’m still finding that the non-drones often fail to notice that the drone has moved spam out of my inbox, but this has been an issue with Apple Mail for awhile now.

Does it help if you choose Mailbox > Synchronize All Accounts?

No, but quitting and relaunching Mail.app does. That has always worked. Apparently Mail syncs differently on first launch than it does while running.