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Apple Mail Plug-in Doesn't install scripts under message menu

I purchased spam sieve and installed it in Outlook 2011. Later decided to use apple mail instead. imported messages into apple mail, but cannot get the SpamSieve plug to work. It appears to correctly install install in the Library but when I start up apple mail there are no “Train as…” in the message menu and the weird symbol doesn’t appear at the far right of the menu.

In Apple Mail, the SpamSieve training commands appear in Mail’s message menu rather than in the Scripts menu. Normally, if there’s a problem when you choose Install Apple Mail Plug-In, it will report an error and also log more information to the Console; so be sure to check there. You can also enter this command in Terminal:

defaults read com.apple.mail EnableBundles

It should say YES if Mail is set to load plug-ins.

Concerning Mavericks and SpamSieve 2.9.10, I got the message that SpamSieve was disabled because it was an incompatible plug-in. I opened SpamSieve and installed it. Restarted Mail. I still don’t see any commands in the Message window. In Mail Preferences: Enable junk mail filtering is not checked. In Rules SpamSieve is checked.

I ran your script in Terminal and it does say Yes.

Thanks in advance.

It sounds like you are seeing a different problem than the original poster. The commands are supposed to be in the Message menu at the top of the screen. If you don’t see them there, please contact me via e-mail and include the version number of Apple Mail that you’re using. SpamSieve 2.9.10 is compatible with Apple Mail in Mac OS X 10.9.0, but perhaps you are using a pre-release version of Mail.