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Apple Mail problem - is SpamSieve involved?

OS 11.2.3 (and the last two versions)
SpamSieve 2.9.43

Apple Mail has been giving me trouble ever since Big Sur. I’ve recently started seeing a new problem with the toolbar. Wondering if SpamSieve might involved. The problem seems to have started around the time of a recent SpamSieve update.

In my toolbar I have two dropdown menus. One for “move” and one for the “flag” option. Recently, both dropdowns stopped working. I can still “move” and “flag” a message from the toolbar, using whatever value is already there. The dropdown function does not work to show other options.

This has always worked well in the past. Recently, it started working sometimes. Now it is not working at all. Problem persists through app and system restarts.

SpamSieve is the only plug-in/alteration I have for Mail. I have disabled SS in the preference menu, but the problem in Mail persists. However, SS still starts up when I start Mail. I see that I can uninstall from SS itself, but am not sure if that will delete all the training data.

Has anyone come across this issue? Is it possible SpamSieve has something to do with it? It there a way to totally disable SS and test without losing training data?

SpamSieve does not change anything with Mail’s toolbar, so this sounds like a Mail bug. If you have disabled the SpamSieve plug-in in Mail’s preferences, it will no longer load into Mail or affect it in any way. You can confirm that the plug-in is not loaded because there will be no SpamSieve commands in Mail’s Message menu.

If you want, you can choose Uninstall Apple Mail Plug-In…, which will also uninstall the launch agent that makes SpamSieve launch when Mail launches. This will not affect your training data.

Thanks for the quick response. I pretty much figured that SpamSieve wasn’t the problem. Just had to make sure. I did the “uninstall” to confirm, and the Mail problem is still there. Seems an odd glitch, since I can’t find anyone else taking about it. Must be something on my system.

Unfortunately, Apple Mail has been train wreck for me ever since Big Sur. I’m going to have to start looking for a new desktop client.

As a follow-up…

Do you have an updated list of mail clients that work with SpamSieve? The list currently on your website shows mostly outdated or unsupported software. The only client listed that is still published and works on the current Mac OS is “Airmail.” And to use the “Airmail for Business” version an M1 chip Mac is required.

The list here is up-to-date. MailMate and Outlook both have updates for Big Sur. I recommend using the regular Airmail, not Airmail for Business, which is the iOS app.

Maiilmate’s site states: “Although the public release above does work on Big Sur (macOS 11), it is currently recommended to use the latest test release of MailMate instead.”

I’d rather not trust my business email to beta software. (Although it could be argued that Apple Mail is currently little better than beta sofware). Until a stable release version is published, I count Mailmate as “not-compatible.” It may be something to consider in the future

-Airmail is rental, a concept that I am opposed to. Their website seemed to indicate that a one -time purchase for the desktop app was available for “Airmail for Business”, but I can’t seem to find it. To your point, that’s probably because there is not one-time purchase desktop version. Unfortunately, that takes Airmail out of consideration for me.

-Outlook is part of Office, which I’d rather not get involved with. Current version also requires a subscription.

-Powermail you list as only compatible with POP accounts. All mine are IMAP.

-Mailsmith claims is it no longer developed.

-Gyzaamail is not compatible with the current OS (per their website)

-Postbox - per your list, current version are not compatible with SpamSieve

Aside from Apple Mail, the only options for the current OS that work with SpamSieve are AirMail and Outlook, both of which are rental software. I’ll stick with Apple Mail for now and look for other options.

Again, thanks for the reply.

The new GyazMail 1.6.4 is compatible with Big Sur.