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Apple Mail quitting after installing SpamSieve

Hello all,

I am just looking for some suggestions on how I may ‘tweak’ or adjust SpamSieve so that my Apple Mail no longer quits unexpectedly. At first this was not a problem, however, now that I have been running SpamSieve for a few months, it seems it can happen almost continually.

I have Shift-Opened Mail with no problems and rebuilt the mailbox with no luck. I just keep reading in other forums to remove the program or the mailbundle, but would like to keep the program in place.

Any suggestions?


The crash is probably due to a mailbundle other than SpamSieve’s. Please try removing your other mailbundles or send me Mail’s crash log file so that I can see why it’s crashing. The crash logs are in the folder:


The crash seems to be due to this suspected bug in Mac OS X 10.4.11. For what it’s worth, SpamSieve’s Mail plug-in does not initiate any URL connections.

Thank you!
Thank you for your help!!