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Apple Mail - Rules Deleted After Restart [Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan Beta]

I am currently running the SpamSieve Beta for OS X El Capitan and it seems to do a good job filtering spam. I had set up some rules in Apple Mail to move the blue and gray spam to the trash folder and the other spam messages are colored and moved to the Spam folder.

The issue is that after restarting Apple Mail, my rules are gone and my inbox begins to fill with spam again. I usually leave Apple Mail running, but after an update, or after a power outage, the rules are gone upon restarting Apple Mail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I haven’t heard other reports of this. It could be happening because:

  1. There’s a bug in the El Capitan beta where Mail is not saving its rules or is saving them but losing them.
  2. Mail is trying to save its rules but can’t because of a file permissions problem.
  3. Mail is saving its rules and then iCloud syncing is reverting them for some reason.

To try to narrow this down, I suggest that you turn off iCloud syncing for Mail and try quitting Mail immediately after you set up its rules. If you launch it again, are the rules still there?

I turned off iCloud syncing, quit mail and immediately checked the rules - they were all gone except the default rule (News from Apple).

Please click this link to tell SpamSieve to check the permissions of Mail’s folders. Then if you quit and relaunch SpamSieve, it will log some information to Console.

Many people have the same problem. Mail rules are not permanently saved in Mail app.
Check this comment section:

I posted a issue bug in apple developers community:

Thanks. I had already submitted a bug to the Apple Bug Reporter. I don’t know if I am supposed to get a response from the system after submitting? Hopefully they will get it fixed soon.