Apple Mail Sever Junk mail Junk

Does this version do anything to help me deal with the 100s of Apple Junk mail thats piling up everyday in my junk folder?

Can it mark all those emails as read ? or do I still need to select all mark as read

Normally, SpamSieve only examines new messages that were not already filtered out by a server filter. However, you can use the rescue script to have it re-process the server-caught messages that are in Junk. There’s an option at the top of the script to make it mark the messages as read.

I cannot get the script to mark Apples Junk mail as read I believe I have followed the directions properly, it is coloring the Junk Mails

Did you edit the first line of the script to be:

property pMarkSpamMessagesRead : true


yes I did, I went and deleted all spam in Junk folders manually and relaunched both Apple Mail and Spamsieve and seems to be working correctly now! Ill follow up if I have any more questions Thank You!

So I have
property pColorSpamMessages : true
property pFlagSpamMessages : true
I have noticed all spam messages get colors however, not all are getting different colored flags, so I cannot sort by flag color, do I need to add something so all the junk messages get a colored flag?
as in:
page 84 example 3: Sorting Messages By Spamminess
but I cannot locate these/this script

The regular spam messages processed by SpamSieve (e.g. those processed in the inbox) will not be processed by the script and so will not have colored flags applied. The Example 3 that you mentioned shows how to set up rules in Apple Mail to assign these flags. This currently requires the plug-in setup for SpamSieve, which requires macOS 13 or earlier.

So does that mean that messages processed by SS will not get flagged? or do I need to change something somewhere else to do that?

They will not get flagged unless you follow the instructions in Example 3 (assuming you aren’t using macOS Sonoma).

Yes im reading 4.5.1
I guess it cannot be done anymore for Sonoma, I am Using…
Thanks for your help and quick response’s
Happy Holidays!

Yes, maybe we can bring this feature back in another form for Sonoma in a future version. Happy holidays to you as well!

I am using the applescript ‘Rescue Good Messages’ (in the docs) and it works great.

I have also written a keyboard maestro macro that runs that script every single time I activate ‘Mail’

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