Apple Mail, Spamsieve 3.0b3, and iPhone Mail

I have have been seeing strange behavior with my imap accounts, SpamSieve, and my desktop and iPhone.

It seems that the way SpamSieve works, if my desktop is on, and Apple Mail is open, I have often a minute to wait while SpamSieve is changing the email and adding it into the spam folder. I often see it appear on my device Mail, and then disappear, and this happens for each imap account as SpamSieve moves messages to Junk. So, my iPhone mailbox doesn’t settle down for quite a while. I don’t know if there is anything that can be done, as I know the iPhone with imap accounts filters first on my Desktop, and then on my iPhone. Is the only way to fix this is just to keep my Desktop mail closed?

The problem with keeping my desktop Apple Mail closed is that all of the Junk mail loads up on my iPhone. I’d appreciate input if there is anything I am missing, but with multiple mail accounts, it’s an annoyance. Other than this annoyance issue, SpamSieve is a great help.

I hope that you’re using SpamSieve 3.0.3. Version 3.0b3 is a beta version from August that’s long obsolete.

You can set it to check for mail more frequently if you wish:

How long do you mean? Normally, since SpamSieve is continuously checking for new messages, there should only be a few new ones at a time, so it should only take a few seconds to filter them all. If you click the Filter Now button, how long does it take for SpamSieve to filter all the accounts and mailboxes?

If you close Mail on the Mac, SpamSieve will stop filtering the new messages.