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Apple Mail still autocreates Junk folder

I have “Enable junk mail filtering” unchecked and turned off, and I had deleted Mail’s old Junk folder so I could use SpamSieve’s Spam folder instead, however this morning while I still had new messages marked as Spam by SpamSieve in the Spam folder, I also had a newly created Junk mail folder with two messages in there. How can I delete this Junk mail folder so that it doesn’t come back and have new messages marked as junk and sent to there instead of SpamSieve’s Spam folder?


Who is your mail account provider? My guess is that the Junk mailbox contains spam messages caught by the providers’s spam filter.

Or, do you have any rules in Mail that move messages to a mailbox called Junk?

I’m using an iCloud account. No other Rules are active.


iCloud always creates a Junk mailbox which holds the spam messages that are caught by Apple’s junk mail filter (on the iCloud server). There’s no way to turn this off.

However, you can work around it using the Apple Mail - Server Junk Mailbox script.