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Apple Mail Train-as-Good when using a drone

I have a Mac Mini set up as a drone with multiple accounts and it seems to be working well, with one problem/inconsistency.

On my MacBook Pro, if I see a message in the Inbox that should be trained as spam I can select “Train as Spam” and it will move the message to TrainSpam and the script eventually processes it as such.

However, if I see a message in the Spam folder that is valid, selecting “Train as Good” only moves the message to Inbox, and it then gets marked as spam again. I can move it manually to TrainGood and the script will process it properly.

Why isn’t there an option for “Train as Good” to send the message to TrainGood?

It’s not intended that you would use a “Train as” command, or even have the SpamSieve plug-in installed, on the non-drone Mac. If you would like training shortcuts, I recommend using favorite mailboxes as described in Step 7.

Okay, thanks.