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Apple Mail's Junk folder, SpamSieve, and Leopard


I had SpamSieve configured under 10.4 to put all spam into Apple Mail’s Junk folder and not into a separate spam folder. This worked like a treat (you helped in configuring back then) and all spam was colored properly.

With 10.5 I suddenly found that Apple’s junk filter took over and that SpamSieve somehow did only kick in after Mail’s filter had been processed. Also, spam was moved into a new spam folder that seemed to appear over night (I could swear I didn’t create it).

Is it not possible anymore to use Mail’s internal junk folder under 10.5? I just like the icon and know where to look when going through suspected spam.

Oh, wish you a happy new year too and continued success with your apps!

It’s possible. Please check the setup again. If messages are going to a different mailbox, what is the name of that mailbox, and which rules refer to it?


Thanks. That did the job. Somehow the customized “impossible” test for junk got lost. The folder where spam processed by SpamSieve was put was called “Spam.” I’ve deleted it and now everything is back to Normal.

One note: the manual text you referred to above says to put Apple’s Mail filter into “automatic mode.” There is no such mode in Mail anymore. The correct setting now is “perform custom actions.”

Thanks. After some experimentation, I recommend first clicking “Move it to the Junk mailbox” and then clicking “Perform custom actions.” If you only do the latter, Mail might continue to hide the Junk mailbox. Clicking “Move it to the Junk mailbox” sets the action of the rule to move the message to Junk, and this makes sure that the Junk mailbox is visible.