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AppleScript avail for new user to migrate existing Mac Mail rules to SpamSieve blist?

I am trying out SpamSieve, and hopeful it will give me more control over my incoming Spam. Problem is, I already had an extensive list of mac mail rules to filter out unwanted senders of several different known conditions (domain name, subject title etc.) (Actually all I REALLY need is a way to create a rule with an A AND (B|C|D|E…) rule, and I have not figured out how to do that without a lot of gymnastics. Its not clear to me that SpamSieve has any better control in this department.

I did training with ~300 good messges and ~400 spam messages, but clearly my existing rules prevented some of the more egregious spam from being used during initial training. In fact, I was shocked at the amount of spam my rules had been automatically deleting daily without my seeing them in my junk folder. I’m afraid This training could go on for months, I got this tool to make things better, I’m not wanting to spend even a week retraining, when I already know a ton about the spammy email I get.

Is there an AppleScript available which would quickly allow me to move/convert some of my existing Mac Mail rules over into SpamSieve rules?

If not, does this look like a horribly hard thing to write? I would need existing example AppleScripts for creating SpamSieve rules, and reading Mac Mail rules. My previous collisions with AppleScript have convinced me it is unusable unless you already know how to do something, and I don’t.



You can do that with Matches Regex rules.

Although SpamSieve can give you a lot of control, I think you’d be missing out if you start out trying to use it that way. In most cases, you can just train it with some good e-mails and some spam ones, and then it will figure everything out—so you don’t have to worry about micro-managing lots of rules. SpamSieve rules are more intended for the rare cases where it can’t learn a pattern automatically, or if you have a precise condition that you need to be sure will match 100% of the time.

In most cases, the 700 messages that you trained are already plenty to get over 99% accuracy right out of the gate. (I’m less sure in your case because it sounds like you omitted the most egregious ones, due to the Mail rules already deleting them.)

If you already have Mail rules that are working well for you, I would suggest that you keep using them—much easier than trying to convert them all. You can just put them above the SpamSieve rule in Mail’s preferences.