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AppleScript to search in a given library using LaunchBar?


I would like to use LaunchBar to search in a given library (and if possible, inside a given folder or saved search) of EagleFiler. I looked through the AppleScript dictionary and through the example scripts on EF’s site and I cannot see how to do it.

Is this possible?



The LaunchBar Search script shows how to search the frontmost library. It’s not currently possible to change the selected folder (except by GUI scripting the Go menu). If you want to search a particular library, you could make the script open it before doing the search.

I can’t believe I missed this script … thanks for pointing me to it.

I found a nice workaround to restrict the search to a smart folder: I got the record name for the smart folder, and I’m asking EF to “get_url” on it. It seems to be working great, even when EF is not running.

Ah, yes, I forgot about that. You can use Copy Record Link to get the URL for a smart folder and then put something like this in the script:

tell application "EagleFiler"
    get url "x-eaglefiler://open?groupGUID=Group.UnfiledSmartGroup&library=~/Desktop/EagleFilerTest/EagleFilerTest.eflibrary"
end tell

This will open the library and select the smart folder.