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Applescripts not showing in Outlook for mac 2016 menu

I followed your instructions for setting up spamsieve for outlook 2016 several times, changing the prefs in the script editor to show etc but I still do not see the little scripts sign in the top menu like office outlook 2011 so i cannot check to see if the scripts are actually there nor choose them. A separate window opens up listing the scripts the but the scripts icon is not there in the outlook window. Spamsieve has been working brilliantly for me for years in 2011 with no trouble. What should i do now?

Please note that the system Scripts menu is at the top-right of the screen, near the clock (as shown in Step 4). It’s not next to the Help menu as the Outlook 2011 Scripts menu was. If you still don’t see it, is possible that you have so many other menu icons that there’s no room for it in your menu bar?

Sorry, but I don’t understand what you mean about the separate window. What triggers it to open up, and what does it look like?


Oops…you are absolutely right, Michael…my mistake… I do have a whole bunch of menu items and it is there near the clock instead of where it used to be. Apologies.

It was opening a finder window before with the scripts listed. Now it isn’t. I dumped the applescript prefs file and restarted and now i see the litte scroll icon overt here.

Thanks for your quick response. I tried moving to apple mail but it would not let me move the .mbox files into it. Every time i selected the .mbox file according to the mail instructions for moving, to it crashed mail. It doesn’t work. not in El Capitan anyway.