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Application Crashes on Start

I just installed Spamsieve version 2.9.27 on my Mac running Mac OS 10.10.5.

When I double-click the application to open it, the Spamsieve icon freezes on open, then the desktop disappears then re-populates without ever opening the application.

I have trashed the application then reinstalled it with the same results.

I would appreciate any help.


Crash Report
Attached is the crash report.

Thanks again.

Finder_2016-12-31-094950_Jebs-Mac.txt (61.8 KB)

This is a crash report from the Finder, not SpamSieve, so it probably can’t be fixed by doing anything with SpamSieve. It may help to restart your Mac.

OK, so I restarted the Mac and it does the same thing (crashes the finder) on application start. I looked in the Spamsieve package contents but didn’t see a crash log.

What else can I do?

If there’s a SpamSieve crash log it would be in this folder. But it looks like Finder is crashing before SpamSieve even starts running. I’ve never seen this type of crash before. Could be a damaged Launch Services database, or an OS bug, or a hardware problem.

Does the same thing happen if you launch SpamSieve from the disk image?

Yes, Spamsieve just starts to open when it crashes bringing down the Finder. It’s the only program I have that has done this.

Launching from the disk image is fine. Works as it is supposed to. Quit it, then tried to re-launch from the application folder, but no luck. Why the difference?

Maybe it got damaged when copied to your hard drive. Could you try copying it to a SpamSieve folder inside the Applications folder?

Well, that’s kind of bizarre.

It opens fine when copied to a folder inside the Applications folder. So I deleted the original and copied it to the applications folder again and it did not work.

So will there be a problem using it from a folder inside the applications folder?

Did you try resetting the Launch Services database?

It should be fine.

No I haven’t reset Launch Services.

Using the Outlook 2016 Filter Mailboxes Script, it seems to be working OK. It calls Spamsieve from the folder and is logging messages. I don’t have the exact install location that you have in the tutorial (~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Office/Outlook Script Menu Items). Was that for Outlook 2011? The closest I can get is (~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/AppData/Microsoft/Office/), or does it really matter?

I’m just trying to get used to this vs. Outlook 2011 when the operation was more seamless. I’ve been training it but when would I expect it to go “auto” on spam email?

Thanks for your help with this.

You don’t need to install the menu version of the script at all. But if you do, you should use:

~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Microsoft Outlook

I’ve updated the instructions.

Right away, if you set up the Outlook - Filter Mailboxes app as described in Step 6.