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Applying SpamSieve Rules to a Given Folder Automatically or at a Given Interval?


TL;DR: Entourage had a nifty Schedules command to simply ‘Apply Rules’ or ‘Run AppleScript’ to ‘Folder’ on a timed schedule; anyway to do this with SS in Mail under El Cap, Sierra and beyond? I’ve written an AppleScript fired by LaunchD to attempt to mimic this, but it’s not terribly reliable.


I have a number of original Apple iTools (.Mac) accounts, which by nature of product evolution, receive mail from any of [name]@mac.com, me.com, and now icloud.com domains. Because of day one adoption, we also possess extremely desirable and short-name accounts. This leads to super-frequent intentional and unintentional hijacking attempts and mistaken “faking” attempts; i.e., sadly undereducated individuals think they can just magically have any [name]@icloud.com address they desire with the purchase of a new Apple product, and galavant about the Web registering for all kinds of garbage using that domain suffix, and then can’t figure out why they don’t get the expected emails; shortly thereafter multiple password recovery emails arrive from Apple; then eventually a lockout notice, all of which can easily be (more or less) ignored. But the SPAM to [name]@icloud.com I receive never stops.

Another is when someone is asked for an email address as a requirement of access or service, or, worse, by an unsuspecting would-be lover they are macking on or being courted by, and the oh-so-clever evader believes that providing [name]@me.com deftly subverts The Man (or unwitting romantic target); but instead inadvertently registers my legitimate email address for endless SPAM and widespread distribution lists – and you’d be shocked how often I get extremely personal porn from very unattractive women and men intended for the offending Lothario.

Given that we use these accounts under the original [name]@mac.com domain suffix only, we can almost safely ignore entirely any email sent to me.com and iCloud.com suffixes; however, there is an occasional email in that mess that needs to be attended to manually either out of consideration for a poor elderly person given an incorrect address, or to prevent unwanted but legitimate advertising from being classified as SPAM across our own accounts, or any variety of reasons why it’s considerate to contact the seder to inform them they’ve been duped.

Without Mail running continually on a Mac, this endless barrage of unwanted junk still appears in every other device’s IMAP Inbox. iCloud.com will let me pre filter out these suffixes, but not to Trash; only to another folder (such as Spam), but SpamSieve does not process those emails automatically.

What I’d like to do is have SS process the mail contained in a dedicated [mail sent to iCloud.com and me.com] folder(s) automatically, at least once per day; so that the mostly SPAM messages will get moved to Trash/Spam folders appropriately, leaving behind only seemingly legit email for manual assessment and unsubscribing, etc.

Right now I have to select all the emails filtered via iCloud.com to a separate folder manually and ‘Apply Rules’ one or more times a day, depending on how much I let the unread badge(s) bother me. But if I let my drone mac sleep, and spend a few days on another Mac or iOS device, those emails go unprocessed (and uncolored) on other devices.

Entourage had a nifty Schedules command to simply Apply Rules or AppleScripts on a timed schedule; anyway to do this with SS in Mail under El Cap, Sierra and beyond? I’ve written an AppleScript fired by LaunchD to do this, but it’s not terribly reliable.

This was indeed a really cool feature. Unfortunately, Apple Mail rules cannot be applied via script.

You can do this using the Apple Mail - SaneBox script.