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Appreciation for SpamSieve

I just wanted to stop in and say how big a fan I am of SpamSieve. It’s also one of the few apps that I feel I can trust handling a process I normally feel I have to take an extremely hands-on approach with. I don’t have to fight with it, which is actually pretty rare in my experiences with software, even on the Mac.

I bought SpamSeive because I was so annoyed at having to go through my MobileMe account on an almost hourly basis to delete spam, as Apple’s server side spam-filtering is a complete joke. I normally don’t do this, but I thought about tonight how deeply I love this application, because I often forget it’s even running. That’s great software. Anyways, I put SS in charge of all my spam filtering on 6 email addresses about two months ago, and haven’t looked back (how did I live so long without this!?). I just wanted to express my appreciation. SpamSeive is (expletive) fantastic.

Agree some five years later than i should

How come some are so slow in appreiciating good work? Like me. having used SS for some four five years (2005) and is still more than content with this great piece of software and the development of it.