Archive emails in small batches without reindexing the entire library

Idle inquiry here. Is there a way (IOW, an efficient workflow) to archive email in small batches so that EF doesn’t 1.) Create all new “Allmail-#” bins or 2.) Trigger a reindex of the entire database?

Context: I am trying to get into the habit of sending emails to EF as they arrive and are processed so I can keep my email client as barebones as possible. So Ive got a hair trigger on F1.

But at the end of every day I wind up with quite a few new–but tiny --folders in EF. When I combine them with the existing DB that holds all my emails, it triggers a reindexing that takes FOREVER. If I could just add emails to the DB, keep the creation or maintenance of tiny folders to a minimum and reindex once per week that would be really helpful.

Does anyone have any tips on an efficient workflow for this use case?


If you capture one message at a time from Apple Mail, EagleFiler will create a .eml file instead of a mailbox. You can also use the Import From Apple Mail script for bulk imports.