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Archive Entourage 2004 database

I use Entourage 2004 [Ent04] and archive into Eaglefiler [EF]

I use option-F1 to do emails and folders from my current Ent04 identity.

However, I want to go back to old identities and archive them as well. Those files consist of a database, and other files [see attached].

I have tried to drag the database to the droplet, to EF itself and use the F1 route. In every case, I can not open the database in EF.

Is there a way to do that?

Thanks for your help.

If you tell EagleFiler to import the database file, you’ll end up with a copy of the database file in your library. It’s in a propriety format that only Entourage can read.

To import the messages in the database, open Entourage, switch to that identity, and use the capture key to tell EagleFiler to import those messages.

import entourage notes

this is my question as well. sorry but i don’t quite understand your answer. what do you mean by “that identity,” and what do you mean by import “those messages?” i want use eaglefiler as a pim, so i want to import my entourage notes - about 1000 of them - not email messages.

i, too, tried to import the entourage database, but as you say, eaglefiler won’t read it.

i see that i can click on one note and drag it to my eaglefiler drop pad. after about 60 seconds, it shows up as a record in my eaglefiler library. i tried to highlight and drag 3 notes from entourage to the drop pad at once, but eaglefiler only imported one. also, eagle filer imports the body of the note but not the title, so i have to change the title of each note manually. are you suggesting to import and retitle the 1000 notes one at a time? i think i see how to do that, but it will take about 13 hours of my continuous attention. is there no quicker way?

There’s information about Entourage identities here. Most users only have one and so don’t need to worry about this.

I’m referring to importing e-mail messages from Entourage to EagleFiler.

EagleFiler currently only has specialized support for importing e-mail messages from Entourage, not notes. I will investigate whether it’s possible to import notes as well in a future version of EagleFiler.

importing entourage database

thanks. those of us who found eagle filer under a web search for personal information manager, and will be buying eaglefiler primarily as a pim, will really appreciate the ability to import the notes from their previous pim.

old pim’s like entourage notes won’t even load under os 10.8, whereas gmail and macmail so far continue to read messages sent and received under os 10.4 and earlier. so, for us, importing old mail into a new pim is optional while importing old notes is required.

will eaglefiler continure to support 10.4?
ok, maybe i can save time by keeping entourage running on my 10.4 desktop mac g5 and moving to eagle filer on my 10.4 g5, then to eaglefiler on my 10.8 macbook pro, only the 100 notes that i am likely to use soon (each entourage note becomes an eaglefiler record). then i transfer more entourage notes ad hoc as i need them in the future.

this solution works if eaglefiler plans to continue to support (ie run under) 10.4. do you know if eaglefiler plans to continue to support 10.4 for at least the next few years or if new versions will soon run only on 10.6 or above?



I expect to support 10.4 for the next small update (and maybe a few more), hopefully including the improved Entourage import support. However, Apple’s latest developer tools don’t work with 10.4 so it’s likely that EagleFiler will soon require 10.6.

thank you. good to know


It does not appear that Entourage is AppleScriptable enough for EagleFiler to import the selected notes. However, if you drag and drop them to the Finder, it should create one .ics file per note, with the note’s title in the filename. The files can then be imported into EagleFiler or a calendar app.