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Archive from FastMail

I have started to use FastMail for all my email using either Safari or the FastMail app written by Arie van Boxel (not using Apple Mail). Has anyone had experience with archiving mail to EagleFiler. It is not as straightforward as it was with Apple Mail. Maybe I need to export them first - but I end up with eml files.

When you export from FastMail it will give you a ZIP archive of .eml files. After expanding the .zip file, these can be imported directly into EagleFiler. You can optionally use the Merge Message Files command to combine them into a mailbox file.

You can also save individual messages from FastMail using Actions ‣ Show Raw Message and then File ‣ Save As ‣ Page Source, and choosing a filename that ends with .eml.

Thanks Michael, very clear as always. I have tried exporting and adding the .eml files. They are shown as a folder and will not merge with my existing .mbox collection. The ‘merge’ on the menu is greyed out.

You would need to select the message files within the folder, not the folder itself.

Yes, just done and can confirm it works as expected, but tedious. I much prefer the .mbox way of handling this, I may need to rethink leaving Apple Mail.

The beauty of FastMail is great IMAP so I’m not sure I see the value in the FastMail client that you’re referring to over any other program that supports IMAP like Apple Mail, MailMate, etc…

I’m using FastMail exclusively via Apple Mail. I used to archive from there to EagleFiler, but I no longer trust Apple to download everything. So I’m now happily using the export in the web interface, and archive as described above.