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archiving gmail in Eaglefiler--best practices?

I’m mostly using gmail directly through the web interface. But I want to–as advised in the Eaglefiler manual and elsewhere–to keep an archive on my desktop, using Eaglefiler. So I’d use Mail mainly just for that purpose.

I’m confused about whether I should be using the gmail archiving system AND Eaglefiler archiving or whether Eaglefiling archiving would work better if I abandoned the gmail archiving. Ideally, two archives seems best, but I’m wondering whether they conflict in some ways. (For example, if I archive messages in gmail using the browser,—IMAP setup–does that take them out of Mail—so I couldn’t later archive them using Eaglefiler?)

I guess I don’t really understand how Mail treats archived-in-gmail messages.

I’m pretty sure that they get moved to the special Archive mailbox in Mail.

So I could archive them, using Eaglefiler, from that location, and then delete them (which would also delete them from the gmail servers). I thought i might be an option to have two archives–the gmail-server one and Eaglefiler, while also keeping needless mail out of Apple Mail. But it sounds like not.


Well, you could configure Gmail to hide certain mailboxes from IMAP (and, thus, Apple Mail).

I hadn’t thought of that; thanks!