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archiving Mail

Hi - can I use EF to archive emal in Mail, then delete those emails within Mail, to make it leaner/faster - ie, does EF save an actual copy of the deleted mails - or are they aliases?

Yes, that’s kind of the point. :slight_smile:

Yes, EagleFiler saves a copy of the archived messages, using the standard mbox format.

Thanks - I assumed it was the point but in the 15 secs I had to read the website, it wasn’t clear!

export mbox?
Hi again - can EF export a mailbox back to Mail? I created a library, dragged a Mail mailbox in, deleted the mails in Mail, then export from EF - but the resulting file, whether I select all mails to export, or just one, has no extension and Mail won’t open it…

Yes, although generally there’s no need to use the Export command, since Mail can import directly from EagleFiler’s library.

In Mail, choose File > Import Mailboxes, then Other, then choose the folder that contains the mailbox(es).