Are imported files moved or duplicated

I am using EagleFiler 1.9.12 downloaded from on macOS 14.1.1


Long time SpamSieve user and now trying EF. Quick question… Does EF create duplicate file when importing existing files? It seems existing original files that are imported to EF to organize are being duplicated in newly created library. I stopped initial files import until clear on file storage requirements.


You can chose to import existing files by moving or by copying. On an APFS volume (which is most Mac storage these days), EagleFiler uses cloning so that copies don’t use any additional disk space.

Till the time one copy gets edited? Then the two copies occupy expected space?

It depends how they are edited. If you import a 1 MB text file and then add a new sentence at the end, the initial parts of the two clones would still share all the same blocks on disk, so the total for the two files would be about 1 MB + 4 KB (the minimum block size).

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Thanks for the informative detail.
I was unaware of this editing details.