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Arg! Arg! Arg! facebookmail and Andrew Christian are driving me nuts.

My new installation of SpamSieve 2.9.26 in Apple Mail 10.1 is running fine for the most part. I know I am still in training mode and I am struggling to reach the 67% spam goal but that will happen. I keep getting email from facebookmail and Andrew Christian which seem to be able to escape SpamSieve one way or another. I have marked new emails as spam dozens of times but they get through. The background of the new emails are not colored as other spam and sometimes they aren’t moved to the Spam folder. I have run the Change Settings feature and have my spam marked as read but they remain marked as unread.

Although I am still learning, I checked out the Corpus, Whitelist and Blocklist and find no rule in the Whitelist and one Blocklist rule with facebookmail even though I have marked dozens of them as spams. The only facebookmail rule is an *equal to * rather than contains Match Style so it seems to me that new emails would not be marked as spam since they do not match identically. This morning I manually added a Blocklist rule which says from address contains facebookmail yet new facebookmail got through again. I manually added a Blocklist rule which says from name contains Andrew Christian and new email are getting threw. Arg! Arg! Arg!

How can I stop these emails for good and get them marked as read?

I think you misunderstood how the training works. There is no separate training mode. You should be able to meet the 67% spam goal right away, by choosing the appropriate number of messages for your initial training. After that, you don’t need to worry about the percentage. Just correct the mistakes.

Please follow the instructions on this page, including the “If you have uncaught spam messages” section.

That’s right. SpamSieve only auto-creates Is Equal To rules because Contains would not be a safe generalization. In any event, unwanted messages sent from Facebook are not spam. So, rather than training them as spam or creating blocklist rules, you should go to Facebook and unsubscribe from the notifications that you do not want to see.