Ashes left in Junk Folder

Spam Sieve 3.0.2, Sonoma, I have noticed that sometimes when I train a message that went to iCloud junk folder, as per provisioning, the message is moved to inbox, but said message seems to still be in the junk folder. I may have seen this independent of spam sieve as well. Can you comment ? To the untrained eye, it seems the message was left in junk folder, but only the message name/title, so to speak is in the junk folder report. Is there some sort of timing issue, perhaps spam sieve is too fast somehow ?
Thanks - Jonathan

I meant to say, train a message as good, after Spam Sieve thought it was spam.

Are you using Apple Mail? It sounds like maybe a problem with Mail’s database.

Yes, Apple Mail. It is quite prevalent on my wife’s MAC BOOK and less prevalent on my MAC studio. Leaving the junk file folder from the client and then coming back to it no longer shows said mails. It seems that spam sieve exposes the problem more, and maybe it’s a timing issue when the mailbox is on iCloud. I was hoping I was not the first to bring this to your attention.

Yeah, I don’t recall hearing any other reports of this, and obviously lots of SpamSieve customers use it with iCloud. With your “leaving and coming back” update, it sounds like this is more a display/refreshing issue with Mail rather than a problem with the actual Mail storage.

Could it be that you’re re-filing a Gmail message using AppleMail? If so, you should know that Gmail uses labels, not mailboxes. So filing a Gmail message in AppleMail leaves it where it was. It only adds a new label for the destination mailbox. You have to explicitly Archive the message to remove it from the source.

It’s a timing issue with apple client for iCloud email
And I believe a apple cleanup bug

What evidence do you have that there’s a timing issue?

Not with spam sieve, with apple email client deleting junk email from the junk folder on iCloud. The email is gone but the entry in the junk folder window remains- leaving that window and returning to it, the center is gone- I call that timing or perhaps an apple client thread died and was restarted or something like that. This is not a spam sieve issue as it happens with other folders occasionally at least I don’t think it is a spam sieve issue unless it’s behavior is x somehow causing this in the background

I meant message is gone when returning to the window

This is just a ditto. Using Apple Mail. When a message is in the Junk folder and I mark its as either “Good” or “Spam”, it frequently, but not always, appears to stay in the Junk folder (a phantom). If I leave the Junk folder and later return to it, the phantom has disappeared. It’s been happening since I installed Sonoma. I believe that it was happening in Ventura, also.

Thank you for validating my sanity. I see it more often on my Mac Studio compared to old Mac mini - my wife sees it on her MacBook Pro sometimes -

Since this also occurs without SpamSieve, it’s probably best to report it to Apple so that they have as much information as possible for a potential fix.